• DELTA variable displacement hydraulic pumps

    Variable displacement hydraulic pumps DELTA are dedicated to open loop systems. The DELTA pumps are used in hydraulic industral applications. The DELTA pumps have very durable piston axis construction. DELTA series consists of six models (displacements from 40 to 130 cm3) and can be equipped with control devices by customer choice (e.g. PC or LS).

  • PAD double flow pumps

    The PAD double flow hydraulic pumps are mostly used in hydraulic systems in trucks. These are pumps with 10 pistons: 5 pistons for each flow. The PAD pump is a new model based on durable design of the PA and PAC pumps. Due to 5 pistons for each flow, the PAD pumps are characterized by optimal flow regularity at whole rotational speed range and very high output peak pressure.

  • W bent axis pumps

    Fixed displacement bent axis hydraulic pumps W are dedicated to industrial applications. With high performance and solid construction these pumps can be used in the most demanding industrial conditions. The W pumps are lighter options with reduced dimension than all comparable bent axis piston pumps, so they can be used in limited space.

  • PA and PAC axial piston pumps

    Fixed displacement axial piston hydraulic pumps PA are mostly dedicated to mobile applications. Either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction of rotation, the relative insensitivity to pollutants, excellent bearing and double sealing make them ones of the most long-lasting pumps on the market.  The PAC piston pumps are compact versions of PA series.

  • TXV variable displacement pumps

    TXV series variable displacement hydraulic pumps is an axial-piston design with variable swashplate. Stroke and therefore the pump flow is determined by the angle at which the swashplate is inclined relative to its axis. TXV variable pumps equipped with load sensing control (LS) are used where economical life cycle addition to the high performance applications counts.

  • XPi hydraulic pumps

    XPi hydraulic piston pumps are designed in bent axis technology and are successors of well known XP, and X series by Hydro Leduc from France. These are the first bent axis pumps on the market which do not need to adjust the pump to the drive's direction of rotation. Pump automatically sets to required direction of rotation. Simply connect the suction and discharge lines to the right place.