Variable displacement hydraulic pumps DELTA are dedicated to open loop systems. The DELTA pumps are used in hydraulic industral applications. The DELTA pumps have very durable piston axis construction. DELTA series consists of six models (displacements from 40 to 130 cm3) and can be equipped with control devices by customer choice (e.g. PC or LS).

Maximum rotational speed: up to 3000 rpm; maximum pressure up to 400 bar.

The flow supplied by the DELTA pump is automatically regulated according to the hydraulic load. This guarantees minimized energy consumption, minimized heating of fluid and reduced noise level. The DELTA hydraulic pumps are dedicated to the most demanding users of hydraulic systems. They are characterized by long service life, no pressure pulsations, exceptional power to weight ratio, high outlet pressure, easy start-up thanks to good self-priming and suction characteristics.

The identification of the Hydro Leduc pumps ais transparent flexible tube allowing for the control the space between the double sealAll DELTA hydraulic pumps are delivered with a standard SAE C mount and cylindrical keyed shaft  – ideal for industrial hydraulic systems.


  • Displacement: 40 – 90 cm3/rev (120 and 130 for request);
  • Rotational speed: up to 3000 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: 400/420 bar (continuous/peak).


  • Simultaneous flow and pressure control;
  • Flexibility to fit specific applications;
  • Rapid response time;
  • Lower energy consumption level;
  • Less heating of working liquid;
  • Simple installation;
  • Pure hydraulic control.

DELTA pumps control options

  • PC – constant pressure;
  • PCDM – control 2 flows function of pressure;
  • PCD – remote control pressure compensator;
  • LS – load sensing control + pressure compensator;
  • LSD – load sensing + remote control pressure compensator;
  • and KCR – adjustable displacement kit (close-off plate + fixation screw).


The DELTA pumps can be used in hydraulic power units in industrial systems, in crushers, vibration hammers, winchers, cranes etc. in shipbuilding industry and in special machines.

Technical data of DELTA pumps40607592
Displacement [cm3/rev]40607592
Max rotational speed [rpm]3000260020001900
Max flow [lpm]115153155169
Max continuous pressure [bar]400400400380
Max peak pressure (5%) [bar]420420420400
Torque absorbed at 300 bar [Nm]220295410483
Weight [kg]29292929