• OMZT orbital hydraulic motors

    OMZT orbital hydraulic motors are internal gear motors with rollers and disc distribution (geroler type). Displacement of the motor determines its rotational speed and torque for a given oil flow and hydraulic pressure. Distribution valve is synchronously driven and precise filling chambers.

  • MS orbital motors

    The MS orbital hydraulic motors are designed for continuous work in heavy duty conditions. The output shaft runs on tapered roller bearings and can absorb high axial and radial forces. The MS series consists of models with maximum rotational speed from 6 through 810 rpm and maximum power range: 7 to 18 kW.

  • MH and BMH hydraulic motors

    MH and BMH orbital motors are low speed and compact design units. Distribution valve is integrated with output shaft. BMH rs are designed for medium duty cycle. For heavy duty applications MH motors are recommended. Both BMH and MH series are used in industrial machines.

  • MR hydraulic motors

    The MR orbital motors by M+S Hydraulic are medium size and light construction hydraulic motors. They are characterized by appreciable torque and low rotational spees. The MR series consists of models with rotational speed range from 150 to 775 rpm and maxiumum output power range from 4 to 13 kW.

  • BMR hydraulic motors

    BMR orbital hydraulic motors of Rolltorq brand are low-speed unit designed to operate at low and medium loads. They are distinguished by a shaft bearings, which greatly increases their life span. BMR form a series of models with maximum speeds between 160 and 775 rpm, and the maximum power up to 10 kW.

    Silnik typu BMR
  • MP orbital motors

    Hydraulic orbital motors MP by M+S Hydraulic are the most popular gerotor type motors. The MP series consists of motors of maximum speed from 95 to 1600 rpm and maximum power from 3.3 to 12.8 kW. Simple and cheap construction works in light conditions and when high speed is required.

  • MM-MMS orbital hydraulic motors

    Silniki hydrauliczne orbitalne MM i MMS to lekkie, niewielkie silniki gerotorowe o zwartej konstrukcji produkowane przez firmę M+S Hydraulic. Są one przeznaczone do ciągłej pracy w lekkich zastosowaniach, przy przenoszeniu niewielkiej mocy oraz przy stosunkowo wysokich prędkościach obrotowych w porównaniu z innymi silnikami podobnej konstrukcji.

  • BMP orbital hydraulic motors

    Orbital hydraulic motors BMP are medium size motors which have compact and light construction. They are characterized by maximum rotational speeds of 55 through 800 rpm and maximum power from 4 to 10 kW. Due to the simpe design of the motors, they can be used in light operating conditions.

  • BMS and OMZS orbital motors

    BMS and OMZS orbital motors are characterized by high torque and maximum speeds between 180 and 810 rpm. They are dedicated to continuous work in heavy duty conditions. The BMS series and the OMZS series consist of eight compact models. These motors are gear motors with internal gear (rotor).

  • BMV orbital motors

    BMV orbital motors are solid and compact design units. They are characterized by low speed and significant torque. The BMV motors are interchangeable with OMV, EPMV and MV motors. The BMV design is based on the internal gear motor design with rollers and disc distribution.