OMZT orbital hydraulic motors are internal gear motors with rollers and disc distribution (geroler type). Displacement of the motor determines its rotational speed and torque for a given oil flow and hydraulic pressure. Distribution valve is synchronously driven and precise filling chambers.

Rotational speed range: up tp 615 rpm; maximum continuous pressure: up to 200 bar.

Orbital hydraulic motors of OMZT series are bigger size motors of quite compact design. They adopt geroler gear set design with disc flow distribution at high pressure. Gearwheel sets with rollers are suitable for longer work at higher pressures, for operation with thin oil, and for frequent reverse loads. The output shaft adopts tapered roller bearings that permit high axial and radial forces. OMZT hydraulic motors series consists of eight models of displacements 161-800 cm3, and powers to 40 kW.

OMZT hydraulic motors are available with three shaft versions: 2 keyed M, G, and one splined F; two versions of oil ports: D and M,  and one square-shaped flange with four mounting orifices.


  • Displacement: 161.1 – 801.8 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed range: up to 615 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: from 125/130 bar through 200/240 bar (continuous/peak);
  • Maximum power: 22.2 – 34.9 kW.


  • Low start-up pressure;
  • Shaft seal can bear high back pressure;
  • The motor can be used in parallel or series configurations;
  • Disc distribution system with automatic compensation for high efficiency;
  • Tapered roller bearings permit high axial and radial loads


The OMZT motors are used in agriculture and forestry. These motors are also used in conveyors, winchers, loaders etc.

Technical data of OMZT160200250315400500630800
Displacement [cm3/rev]161,1201,4251,8326,3410,9523,6629,1801,8
Max rotational speed (conti.) [rpm]614615495380302237196154
Max flow [lpm]100100100100100100100100
Max pressure drop (conti.) [bar]200200200200180160140125
Max power (conti.) [kW]27,734,934,534,931,228,825,322,2
Weight [kg]2021212123242526