Orbital hydraulic motors BMP are medium size motors which have compact and light construction. They are characterized by maximum rotational speeds of 55 through 800 rpm and maximum power from 4 to 10 kW. Due to the simpe design of the motors, they can be used in light operating conditions.

Rotational speed range: from 5 through 800 rpm; maximum continuous pressure: up to 140 bar.

The BMP orbital motors have an internal gear motor shaft distribution. Also, their construction is based on spool valve, which is suitable with the gerotor gear set design and ensures compact volume, high power and relatively low weight of motor. Simple and cheap design is suitable for light duty applications and where lower torque is needed. All of Powermot motors are produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

These motors are interchangeable with MP, SMP, OMP, OZMP or EPM motors (types of motors shown for information purposes only).


  • Displacement: 52.9 – 317.3 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed range: 5 – 800 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: from 90/130 through 140/200 bar (continuous/peak);
  • Maximum power: 5 – 10 kW.


  • The motors can be used in parallel or series configuration;
  • Distribution system can meet the requirements of low noise units;
  • Compact volume and easy installation;
  • Simple and cheap construction for lighter purposes.


The BMP orbital motors are used in light duty work in agricultural machinery (wrappers), industrial machinery (conveyors) and in mobile applications.

Technical data of BMP motors5080100125160200250315400
Displacement [cm3/rev]52,979,398,2120,9158,7196,4241,8317,3392,9
Rotational speed range [rpm]10-80010-7709-6159-4808-3857-3105-2505-1955-155
Max flow [lpm]406060606060606060
Torque per bar [Nm/bar]0,641,071,361,682,192,613,444,25,4
Max pressure drop conti./peak [bar]140/200140/200140/200140/200140/200140/200110/16090/13070/110
Max power (conti.) [kW]7101010108654
Weight [kg]5,65,75,966,26,46,66,97,4