• ITM hydraulic motors

    The ITM hydraulic motors are radial piston motors with high torque and low rotational speed. The radial piston motors guarantee astablestart with full load. These motors provide direct drive for devices which requiresignificanttorquewithout using aplanetary gear. The ITM motors have advanced processing center, inspection machines and assembly technology.

  • M hydraulic piston motors

    The M hydraulic motors are bent axis design motors. They are characterized by high power and significant rotationalspeeds. The bent axis design hydraulic motors guarantee high global efficiency and high operating pressure. They are designed for use in continuous work in heavy duty applications. These motors are used for direct drive or through gearing, depending on the application.

  • MA hydraulic piston motors

    Hydraulic piston motors MA by Hydro Leduc are of bent axis design with an angle of 40°. They are hig-speed motors with high efficiency. They are designed for intensive, continiuous operation in heavy duty conditions. The MA series consists of units with maximum speed range from 4500 to 8000 rpm and maximum power range from 52 to 270 kW.

    MA125 motor
  • MXP hydraulic piston motors

    MXP piston motors are equipped with bent axis technology, which yields wide range of rotating speeds and compact size. The MXP series is dedicated to mobile intermittent use for short periods of time. They can provide high global efficiency of over 90% in most applications.

  • MSI Hydraulic Piston Motors

    Hydraulic piston motors MSI are designed to perform the most demanding operating conditions. Their construction allows for optimum integration into receiving unit, and in particular a planetary gearbox. This combination enables to obtain similar torque as in case of low speed motors. The MSI motors can achieve power over 10 kW per kilo.