BMS and OMZS orbital motors are characterized by high torque and maximum speeds between 180 and 810 rpm. They are dedicated to continuous work in heavy duty conditions. The BMS series and the OMZS series consist of eight compact models. These motors are gear motors with internal gear (rotor).

Rotational speed range: from 5 through 810 rpm; maximum continuous pressure: up to 235 bar.

Orbital hydraulic motors (geroler type) of BMS and OMZS series are dedicated to continuous work under rough conditions with thin oil, high pressure, and frequent reverse loads. Distribution valve is of disc type, driven separately. This reduces internal hydraulic loses. The tapered roller bearings on output shaft enable for absorbing static and dynamic radial loads. Gearwheel is equipped with rollers.

The BMS series consists of motors with 4 types of flanges: 2 square and 2 oval and 6 types of shafts: 3 cylindrical and 3 splined. The OMZS motors are available with 4 shaft versions: 3 keyed and 1 splined, and with 2 types of flanges: rhomb-shaped and square. Also, two oil ports – D and M – are available.


  • Displacement: 80.5 – 401.9 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed range: 5 – 810 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: from 100/175 bar through 175/235 bar (continuous/peak);
  • Maximum power: 8 – 18.8 kW.


  • Low pressure start;
  • Reinforced shaft seal;
  • High startup torque and ability to withstand significant back pressures;
  • The ability totransferaxial and radial loads;
  • Compact volume and easy installation.


The BMS and OMZS motors are used in forklifts, agriculture machinery, small loaders, indystry machines, cconveyors etc.

Technical data of BMS motors80100125160200250315400
Displacement [cm3/rev]80,5100,5126,3160,8200,9252,6321,5401,9
Rotational speed range [rpm]10-81010-7509-6007-4706-3756-3005-2405-180
Max flow [lpm]6575757575757575
Max pressure drop conti./peak [bar]175/225175/225175/225160/225160/225125/200125/200100/175
Max power (conti.) [kW]141616141411108
Weight [kg]9,81010,310,711,111,612,313,1
Technical data of OMZS motors100160200
Displacement [cm3/rev]100,8157,2200
Max rotational speed (conti.) [rpm]748470375
Max flow [lpm]757575
Max pressure drop (conti.) [bar]175150140
Max power (conti.) [kW]18,815,615,7
Weight [kg]1010,711,1