• Modular sequence valve type HS-011 and KS-011

    The HS and KS sequence valves enable the connection of an auxiliary hydraulic system when the pressure in the main system exceeds the setting pressure of these valves. The HS valve is a direct acting valve, while the KS valve is a double stage valve.

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  • Modular pressure compensators type HC, KC and JPC-2

    Atos pressure compensators are designed to maintain a constant oil flow rate regardless of pressure changes. HC, KC and JPC-2 valves are designed for plate mounting in systems with proportional and ON/OFF directional valves.

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  • Modular relief valves type HMP, HM and KM

    Atos modular relief valves are available as direct acting (HMP) or double stage (HM and KM) valves. Relief valves are designed to limit the upper pressure value. Atos offers two sizes of these: NG06 and NG10.

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  • Modular check valves type HR, KR and JPR

    The HR, KR and JPR check valves are available in four sizes: NG06, NG10, NG16 and NG25. They can be direct acting or pilot operated valves. Their purpose is to allow the oil to flow in only one direction.

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  • Modular reducing valves type HG, KG and JPG

    HG, KG and JPG valves are pressure reducing valves, spool type. Atos has produced four sizes of such plate valves: NG06 (HG), NG10 (KG), NG16 (JPG-2) and NG25 (JPG-3).

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  • Modular throttle valve type HQ, KQ and JPQ

    The HQ, KQ and JPQ throttle valves of the Italian company Atos are manufactured in four sizes: NG06, NG10, NG16 and NG25 and in versions with meter in or meter out control.

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