Silnik typu BMR

BMR orbital hydraulic motors of Rolltorq brand are low-speed unit designed to operate at low and medium loads. They are distinguished by a shaft bearingswhich greatly increases their life span. BMR form a series of models with maximum speeds between 160 and 775 rpm, and the maximum power up to 10 kW.

Rotational speed range: from 5 through 775 rpm; maximum continuous pressure: up to 140 bar.

The BMR orbital motors are medium size units with gerotor set equipped with rollers. It causes high starting torque, low pressure at start and work at high allowable pressure, but low maximum rotational speed at the same time. The cardan shaft rotates distributor valve and transfers mechanical energy from gerotor set to output shaft. valve has hydrodynamic bearingd and has infinite life when load ratings are not exceeded.

The BMR motors are interchangeable with all motors of OMR, MR, OMZR, SMR etc. in general. However, it appears that durability, efficiency and stability of parameters of motors are different from series of motors by various manufacturers.


  • Displacement: 51.7 – 401.9 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed range: 5 – 775 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: 140/225 (continuous/peak);
  • Maximum power: 4 – 10 kW.


  • Low starting pressure;
  • Reinforced shaft seals;
  • Possibility of serial and parallel combination of motors;
  • Low noise level;
  • Compact design and easy installation;
  • Shaft ball bearing.


The BMR motors are used in heavy duty winchers insensitive to wetting, in high power crushers, in forestry machines, driving vehicles and other applications.

Technical data of BMR motors5080100125160200250315400 
Displacement [cm3/rev]cm3/obr51,780,5100,5126,3160,8200,9252,6321,5401,9
Rotational speed range [rpm]obr/min10-77510-75010-6009-4757-3755-3005-2405-1905-160
Max flow [lpm]l/min406060606060606060
Torque per bar [Nm/bar]Nm/bar0,661,091,391,692,212,643,454,225,43
Max pressure drop conti./peak [bar]bar140/200140/200140/200140/200140/200140/200110/16090/13070/110
Max power (conti.) [kW]kW7101010108654
Weight [kg]kg6,56,977,37,588,5911