XPi hydraulic piston pumps are designed in bent axis technology and are successors of well known XP, and X series by Hydro Leduc from France. These are the first bent axis pumps on the market which do not need to adjust the pump to the drive’s direction of rotation. Pump automatically sets to required direction of rotation. Simply connect the suction and discharge lines to the right place.

Maximum rotational speed: up to 3150 rpm; maximum continuous pressure: up to 380 bar.

Like other Hydro Leduc piston pumps, XPi series is equipped with reinforced double shaft seal with control tube. Elastomeric quadring gasket instead of paper seals in a flange provides better contact between the pump and PTO. New distribution plate and direct drive of a cylinder block by means of conical pistons, in addition to other advantages to reduce the noise level. XPi pumps have hydrostatic piston heads. In this way, with an increase in output pressure increases the lubrication pressure, which affects the durability of the unit. XPi series consists of ten single flow models according to the data in the table below. XPi hydraulic pumps are supplied with 1″1/2, 2″, 2″1/2 inlet fittings, from which you can choose when you order. You can also order a pump with bypass valve, which enables continuous XPi work without causing problems with fluid overheating, without affecting the durability, and without interfering with the existing hydraulic system. Another enhancement is the deflector that protects the pump from road dirt especially with cardan shaft drive. You can also order the cardan shaft plate which is factory-equipped with a deflector. Other couplings are available on request.

Because of their high performance XPi pumps can be used instead of the other series in similar applications. In the case of conversion in the opposite direction it should be noted that most of the available pump series has lower parameters. XPi can replace the series: X, XP, KFA, KFA2FO, A17FO, A17FNO, SCP, SCPT, SAP, F1, F2, BI, EOS, FOX, 145 64, KLS, and others.


  • Displacement: 12 – 129.8 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed: up to 3150 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: 380/480 bar (continuous/peak).


  • Limited envelope size;
  • Reduced noise emission;
  • High rotational speeds;
  • Easy to use;
  • Durability.


The XPi pumps are mainly used in trucks and tractors for tippers, forestry , and construction cranes, refuge trucks, etc.  They are used wherever there are heavy-duty, but the duty cycle provides some breaks in the maximum load.

Technical data of XPi pumps1218253241506380108130
Displacement [cm3/rev]121825324150,36380,4108,3129,8
Max rotational speed [rpm]3150290027502700255024502300215019001750
Max flow [lpm]40527085105123145172205228
Max continuous pressure [bar]380
Max peak pressure (5%) [bar]420
Torque absorbed at 300 bar [Nm]76114159204261318401509687827
Weight without/with inlet fitting [kg]9.2/9.659.25/9.79.3/9.7511.1/11.5511.15/11.611.2/11.6511.25/11.714.85/15.314.95/15.415.35/15.8