The PAD double flow hydraulic pumps are mostly used in hydraulic systems in trucks. These are pumps with 10 pistons: 5 pistons for each flow. The PAD pump is a new model based on durable design of the PA and PAC pumps. Due to 5 pistons for each flow, the PAD pumps are characterized by optimal flow regularity at whole rotational speed range and very high output peak pressure.

Maximum rotational speed: up to 2400 rpm; maximum pressure: up to 500 bar.

The PAD double flow pumps can be used for every mobile applications – hook lifts and forest cranes, where other similar pumps can’t work. Furthermore, the PAD pumps have the same efficiency as PA pumps, but the PAD pumps have reduced size envelope, they’re lighter and can work at higher rotational speed than the PA pumps. Dual direction of rotation, insensitivity to contamination, excellent bearing and double seals were taken from the tested design of PA pumps.

The identification of the Hydro Leduc pumps is flexible transparent tube which avoids any entry of contaminants between the two seals. The high output pressure – up to 350 bar continuous and up to 500 bar peak pressure – is woth noticing. Every PAD pumps are provided with standard DIN ISO mount – 4 bolts flange and splined shaft, which fit to every 4-orifice PTOs.


  • Displacement of twin flow pumps: 2×32 – 2×67 cm3/rev;
  • Displacement of double flow pumps: 55-33 and 67-40 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed: up to 2400 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: 350/500 bar (continuous/peak).


  • Easy to install and use;
  • Resistant to pressure peaks;
  • Relatively insensitive to contamination;
  • Capable of work with slightly degraded fluids;
  • Either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation with no user intervention;
  • High durability.


The PAD pumps can be used in trucks (dump trucks, construction and forestry cranes, hook lifts etc.) and in special machines and vehicles as drills and winches. The PAD pumps are designed for shipbuilding and for every agriculture and forest machines in heavy duty conditions. he MSI motors are used in heavy duty winchers insensitive to wetting, in high power crushers, in forestry machines, driving vehicles and other applications.

Technical data of PAD pumps2x322x402x552x6755-3367-40
Displacement [cm3/rev]32+3240+4055+5567+6755+3367+40
Max rotational speed [rpm]220020001550140015501400
Max flow [lpm]70+7080+8085+8593+9385+5193+56
Max continuous pressure [bar]350350350350350350
Max peak pressure (5%) [bar]500500500500500500
Torque absorbed at 300 bar [Nm]356445613730490613
Weight [kg]24,624,624,624,624,624,6