Fixed displacement bent axis hydraulic pumps W are dedicated to industrial applications. With high performance and solid construction these pumps can be used in the most demanding industrial conditions. The W pumps are lighter options with reduced dimension than all comparable bent axis piston pumps, so they can be used in limited space.

Maximum rotational speed: up to 3150 rpm; maximum continuous pressure: up to 400 bar.

Hydraulic piston pumps of the W series are made in the bent axis technology. That is why to that they are characterized by compact size while can work under high pressure conditions and the high rotation speeds, so they fit for transferring significant powers. The W series consists of eighteen models of single flow pumps with a flow 27 through 162 lpm at 1500 rpm which can work at 400 bar of the continuous pressure, up to 450 bar of the peak pressure. The W series, as all of the Hydro Leduc piston pumps has genuine synchronization of the plate with barrel without any gears decreasing noise level. The W series hydraulic piston pumps are being delivered with the right (clockwise) rotation as standard, however they can be delivered with left (counter-clockwise) rotation if it is required.

A pump is a heart of the hydraulic system. We would like to remind you that the pump’s longevity and its technical performance during operation depend directly on the working environment. This environment is essentially made up of: the drive – its speed, ratio and torque, axial and radial forces, the tank – capacity, position etc., the fluid – its type, viscosity and cleanness, and the way of the pump is used – type of application, duty cycle etc. Contact us for advice on defining the right environment for the pump.


  • Displacement: 18 – 108 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed: up to 3150 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: from 350/500 bar to 400/450 bar (continuous/peak).


  • Easy to install and use;
  • Unattended work;
  • Low noise level;
  • High volumetric efficiency;
  • High durability.


The W hydraulic pumps fit for machines assembly with open loop systems. They are recommended for every industrial machines, where high performance and reliability of hydraulic systems matter. Due to their versatility the W pumps can be used in vehicles. The pumps are interchangeable with many models by other producers as A2FO hydraulic pumps, for instance.

Technical data of W pumps1825324150638090108
Displacement [cm3/rev]1825324150,36380,490108
Max rotational speed [rpm]315025002500225020002000180018001600
Max flow [lpm]56,762,58092,25100126144162172,8
Max continuous pressure [bar]350400400400400400400400400
Max peak pressure [bar]400450450450450450450450450
Torque absorbed at 350 bar [Nm]98140175227280350445497595
Min/max operating temperature [°C]-0,227272727
Weight [kg]5,511,511,511,51818232323