Directional control valve DKE produced by an Italian company Atos has been designed for manifold mounting (NG10/CETOP5). Like the DHE series, DKE valves are available in a standard version and in a safe version in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and valves designed for vertical presses and torque bar press brakes. The valve body is 5 chamber type and is made by shell-moulding casting with wide internal passages ensuring low pressure drops.

Maximum oil flow: up to 150 lpm, opetaring pressure in P, A, B ports: 350 bar, in T port: 210 bar (DC) and 160 bar (AC)  

The task of hydraulic valves is to control the direction of oil flow in order to e.g. reverse the direction of rotation of the hydraulic motor or extend and retract the actuator piston. The versions in accordance with the Machinery Directive are additionally equipped with a spool position monitoring, while the 130102 DKE versions (available on special request) are only available with 3 special spools and have an inductive position switch (NO and NC).

Spools type

suwaki DKE

Technical data

Solenoid directional valves type DKE
SizeNG10, CETOP 5
Maximum flow [l/min]150
Operating pressure in P, A, B ports [bar]350
Operating pressure in T port [bar]210 (DC)
250 (DC, /Y option)
160 (AC)
Fluid temperature range [°C]-20 ÷ +80
Fluid viscosity15 cSt ÷ 100 cSt (recommended)
2,8 cSt ÷ 500 cSt (acceptable)
FiltrationISO 4406 class 20/18/15
Coil type DC [V]12
Coil type AC [V]110/50/60 AC
230/50/60 AC
115/60 AC
230/60 AC
Spool position monitoring (optional)FI - inductive proximity sensor (NO or NC)
FV - inductive position switch providing (NO and NC)
Weight DC [kg]4,5 (spools -06)
6,1 (spools -07)
Weight AC [kg]3,9 (spools -06)
4,7 (spools -07)