rozdzielacz proporcjonalny DHZE-A

The proportional directional valves DHZE-A are used for control the speed and direction of movement of hydraulic cylinder or motor.

Maximum flow: up to 70 l/min (depending on spool type), maximum pressure in P, A, B ports: 350 bar, in T port: 210 bar 

The DHZE-A valves are designed to work in open loop. They operate in association with off-board driver, which supply the proportional valves with proper current to align the valve regulation to the reference signal supplied to the driver. The spools are available with linear, progressive or differential flow characteristics.

Spool types

suwaki DHZE-A

Technical data

Proportional directional valves DHZE-A
SizeNG06, CETOP 3
Max flow [l/min]70
Max pressure in P, A, B ports [bar]350
Max pressure in T port [bar]210
Fluid temperature range [°C]-20 ÷ +80
Fluid viscosity20 cSt ÷ 100 cSt (recommended)
15 cSt ÷ 380 cSt (acceptable)
FiltrationISO 4406 class 18/16/13
Coil voltage- = standard coil for 24VDC Atos drivers
6 = optional coil for 12VDC Atos drivers
18 = optional coil for low current drivers
Regulating characteristicsL - linear
S - progrresive
D - differential
Weight [kg]1.5 (spools -05)
2 (spools -07)