Direct-acting, pressure reducing-relieving valves of PR series reduce a high primary pressure at the inlet to a constant reduced pressure at the outlet, with a full-flow relief function from the outlet to a tank.

Maximum pressure 350 bar, maximum flow 40 through 320 lpm.

Order Codes

  • PR2B-T11A-LAN
  • ab  –  c  –  def
  • a.  Valve model: PR;
  • b.  Valve size: 2B, 3B, 6B, 8B;
  • c.  Cavity type: T11A, T2A, T17A, T19A;
  • d.  Control manner: L: standard screw adjustment, K: hand knob with lock knob;
  • e.  Adjustable range: A: 35~210 bar, B: 6,5~105 bar, D: 5~55 bar, E: 2~25 bar;
  • f.   Seal material: N: buna-N, V: viton.


Technical Data

Pressure reducing-relieving valvesPR2BPR3BPR6BPR8B
Cavity typeT11AT2AT17AT19A
Maximum flow [lpm]4080160320
Maximum pressure [bar]350350350350
Tightening torque [Nm]40/5060/70200/215465/500
Temperature range [°C]-35~100-35~100-35~100-35~100
Weight [kg]0,20,360,761,58

Performance Graphs

Regulated pressure


Dimension tablePR2BPR3BPR6BPR8B
a [mm]34,934,94663,5
b [mm]22,228,631,841,3
L [mm]7989100124
K [mm]8596107130
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