Pilot operated pressure reducing valves PB are designed to reduce the high input pressure to a constant lower level output. They allow to supply system branches with different pressure ranges from one pump.

Maximum pressure 350 bar, maximum permissible flow from 40 to 320 lpm.

Order Codes

  • PB2B-T11A-LAN
  • ab  –  c  –  def
  • a.  Model name: PB;
  • b.  Valve size: 2B, 3B, 6B, 8B;
  • c.  Cavity type: T11A, T2A, T17A, T19A;
  • d.  Control manner: L: standard screw adjustment, K: hand knob with lock knob;
  • e.  Adjustable range: A: 7~210 bar, B: 3,5~105 bar, N: 4~55 bar, W: 10~315 bar;
  • f.   Material of seals: N: buna-N, V: viton.


Technical Data

Pilot operated pressure reducing valvesPB2BPB3BPB6BPB8B
Cavity typeT11AT2AT17AT19A
Maximum flow [lpm]4080160320
Maximum pressure [bar]350350350350
Tightening torque [Nm]40/5060/70200/215465/500
Temperature range [°C]-35~100-35~100-35~100-35~100
Weight [kg]0,170,30,641,43

Performance Graph

Pressure drop withoud load


Dimension tablePB2BPB3BPB6BPB8B
a [mm]34,934,94663,5
b [mm]22,228,631,841,3
L [mm]64728490
K [mm]7078100107
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