MXP piston motors are equipped with bent axis technology, which yields wide range of rotating speeds and compact size. The MXP series is dedicated to mobile intermittent use for short periods of time. They can provide high global efficiency of over 90% in most applications.

Rotational speed range: from 200 through 8000 rpm; maximum continuous pressure: up to 400 bar.

The MXP motors are designed for application where intensive work lasts for short time. The construction of MXP ensures excellent rotating smoothness and constant torque. Friction, heat and wear are reduced by injecting oil directly on piston heads. MXP motors have enhanced seal that provides resistance to pressure of 2.5 bar in line leaks. They are characterized by global efficiency of over 90%, which is guaranteed in most applications.


  • Displacement: 12 – 126 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed range: 200 – 8000 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: 400/450 bar (continuous/peak);
  • Maximum power: 64 – 290 kW.


  • One type of shaft extension and flange for all models;
  • High global efficiency;
  • Long service life;
  • Reduction of noise level;
  • Constant torque and rotating smoothness;
  • Designed for closed or open loop system.


The MXP motors are used in winchers, compressors, vacuum trucks, concrete mixers etc.

Technical data of MXP motors1218253241506380108126
Max rotational speed (conti.) [rpm]8000800063006300560050005000450040003400
Max rotational speed (inter.) [rpm]8800880069006900620055005500500044004400
Max flow [lpm]96144158202230252315362435428
Torque per bar [Nm/bar]0,190,280,40,50,650,811,271,72
Min/max operating temperature [°C]-0,227272727
Max pressure conti./peak [bar]400/450
Max power (inter.) [kW]6494105134153168210240290285
Weight [kg]9,39,39,310,310,311,511,514,514,514,5