zawór zwrotno-dławiący HQ

HQ, KQ and JPQ valves are modular valves designed for subplate mounting. They are flow throttling valves, not compensated, and with check valve to allow free flow in the opposite direction. 

Maximum pressure: 350 bar (HQ, JPQ), 315 bar (KQ), maximum flow: from 25 l/min (HQ /U) to 300 l/min (JPQ-3)

The most common application of these valves is to adjust the lowering or lifting speed of loaded hydraulic cylinders. This series valve configurations are either meter in or meter out control at ports A, B or A and B (double valves). The design of the valves enables their assembly in a block on NG plates in sizes: 06, 10, 16 and 25.

Valve configurations

schematy zaworów HQ, KQ, JPQ

Technical data

Modular throttle valves AtosHQKQJPQ-2JPQ-3
Max flow [l/min]80 (standard)
25 (/U option)
Max pressure [bar]350315350350
Working temperatures range [°C]-20~60-20~60-20~60-20~60
Weight [kg]