Zawór kompensacyjny HS-011

The HS and KS sequence valves enable the connection of an auxiliary hydraulic system when the pressure in the main system exceeds the setting pressure of these valves. The HS valve is a direct acting valve, while the KS valve is a double stage valve.

Maximum pressure: 350 bar (HS), 315 bar (KS), maximum flow: 40 l/min (HS) & 80 l/min (KS)

In the standard version, the pressure is set by loosening the nut and turning the set screw, optionally with a handwheel. Clockwise rotation increases the set pressure. The HS and KS valves are modular valves, sizes NG06 and NG10, respectively.

Valve configurations

Konfiguracje zaworów sekwencyjnych HS i KS

Technical data

Sequence valves AtosHSKS
Max flow[l/min]4080
Max pressure[bar]350315
Pressure adjustment [bar]32 - 3 to 32 bar
100 - 20 to 100 bar
210 - 50 to 210 bar
100 - 7 to 100 bar
210 - 8 to 210 bar
Temperature range [°C]-30~70-30~70
Weight [kg]23