Zawór kompensacyjny HC-011/8

Atos pressure compensators are designed to maintain a constant oil flow rate regardless of pressure changes. HC, KC and JPC-2 valves are designed for plate mounting in systems with proportional and ON/OFF directional valves.

Maximum pressure: up to 350 bar, maximum flow: from 50 l/min (HC) to 200 l/min (JPC-2)

Atos offers 3 sizes of these valves: NG06, NG10 and NG16. The entire valve series is available with an adjustable pressure setting between 5 and 35 bar. In addition, HC valves are available with a fixed setting Δp = 8 bar.

Valve configurations

Konfiguracje zaworów HC, KC, JPC-2

Technical data

Compensation valves, AtosHCKCJPC-2
Max flow [l/min]50100200
Mac pressure[bar]350350350
Pressure adjustment Δp [bar]8 - Δp = 8 bar
30 - 5 to 35 bar
30 - 5 to 35 bar30 - 5 to 35 bar
Temperature range [°C]-30~80-30~80-30~80
Weight [kg]24.26