Zawór zwrotny HR Atos

The HR, KR and JPR check valves are available in four sizes: NG06, NG10, NG16 and NG25. They can be direct acting or pilot operated valves. Their purpose is to allow the oil to flow in only one direction.

Maximum pressure: 350 bar (HR, JPR), 315 bar (KR), maximum flow: from 60 l/min (HR) to 300 l/min (JPR-3)

Check valves are often used in systems with hydraulic cylinders to prevent the cylinder piston from dropping on its own. Atos has produced this series in several variants, therefore single, twin valves operating in P, T, A, B or A and B channels can be used. HR, KR and JPR are designed to work in hydraulic systems with hydraulic mineral oil or a synthetic fluid with similar lubricating properties.

Valve configurations

zawory zwrotne HR

Technical data

Modular check valves AtosHRKRJPR-2JPR-3
Max flow [l/min]60120200300
Max pressure [bar]350315350350
Area ration3.3:13.3:1 (standard)
11:1 (/D option)
13.6:1 17:1
Spring cracking pressure [bar]- - 0.5 bar
2 - 2 bar
4 - 4 bar
8 - 8 bar
- - 0.5 bar
2 - 2 bar
4 - 4 bar
8 - 8 bar
- - 0.5 bar- - 0.5 bar
Fluid temperature range [°C]-20~60-20~60-20~60-20~60
Weight [kg]