The EZ-View® variable area flow meters are durable and inexpensive direct reading instruments to measure a flow of oil, water and other liquids. They are very easy to install, and can be operated in any position: vertical, horizontal, inverted, etc., without sacrificing the quality of the measurement. They provide an instant readout of flow rate in closed piping systems. These flow meters are good solution for low pressure hydraulic system.

Flow measurement: from 2 through 380 lpm; maximum pressure: up to 22.4 bar.

The EZ-View® product line is made of impact-resistant plastic PPSU, allowing for excellent structural integrity and chemical compatibility with a wide range of industrial chemicals. The EZ-View® ensure the oil flow rate measurement in the range of 2 to 380 l / min of water from 2 to 380 lpm and water-based liquids from 2 to 100 lpm.

PPSU housing transparency allows visual inspection of the liquid state, as well as the flow rate of the internal read against the calibrated outer scale. EZ- View® requires no electrical connections. Flow straighteners placed at the inlet and outlet reduce sensitivity of the flow meter to turbulent flow. It does not require further straighteners nor other special installations.

Features overview:

  • Flow measurement: 2 – 380 lpm;
  • Maximum pressure: 22.4 bar;
  • Temperature range: from 0 to +121°C;
  • Accuracy ±2% full scale;
  • Repeatability ±1%;
  • Port size: G1/2″, G3/4″, G1″, G1-1/2″ or G2″.


  • Easy to install;
  • Operates in any position;
  • Relatively insensitive to shock and vibration;
  • Wide range of flow range;
  • Low cost.

Versions and accessories

The EZ-View ® series of flow meters consists of models appearing in 1/2 “, 3/4”, 1 “, 1-1/2 and 2” sizes. One can select connection type, and in some cases the version fitted with accessories. All flow meters are to be calibrated for metering water, water-based liquids or oils.

Technical Data of the H630 Oil Flow Meters104107110116118128
Flow measurement range [LPM]2-154-264-355-6015-6520-100
Max pressure (polysulfone) [bar]22,422,422,422,422,422,4
Temperature range [°C]0 to +1210 to +1210 to +1210 to +1210 to +1210 to +121
Port size [BSPT]G3/4"G3/4"G3/4"G3/4"G3/4"G3/4"
(relative to full scale) [±%]
Repeatability [±%]111111
Weight [kg]0,410,410,410,410,410,41
Technical Data of the H630 Oil Flow Meters125150175110
Flow measurement range [LPM]10-9520-19030-28040-380
Max pressure (polysulfone) [bar]22,422,422,422,4
Temperature range [°C]0 to +1210 to +1210 to +1210 to +121
Port size [BSPT]G2"G2"G2"G2"
(relative to full scale) [±%]
Repeatability [±%]1111
Weight [kg]1,411,411,411,41
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