Directional control valves type DSG-03B are larger valves than DSG-02B valves. However, the DSG-03B valves are used in the same purpose: A machine operator can turn on/turn off a hydraulic motor or an actuator thanks to oil flow regulation, which is provided by these valves.

Maximum pressure 300 bar, maximum flow 40 through 110 lpm.

Directional control valves are equipped with 12V or 24V DC solenoids. A wide range of spool valves ensures fitting to almost every hydraulic system. Direcrional control valves DSG-03B are designed for subplate mounting (size 10).

Order codes

  • DSG-03B-3C2-D2
  • a  –  bc  –  d  –  e
  • a.  Model name: DSG;
  • b.  Thread connection: 03: 3/8″;
  • c.  Solenoid appearance: B: DIN;
  • d.  Spool valve type: 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, 3C5, 3C60, 3C9, 3C10, 3C11, 3C12, 3C25, 2B2B, 2B3B, 2B4B, 2B5B, 2B60B…;
  • e.  Power source: D1: 12V, D2: 24V.

 Spool valve types

Technical data

Directional control valves DSG-03B 
Flow range [lpm]40-110
Maximum pressure [bar]300
Tolerant back pressure [bar]70-140
Temperature range [°C]5~60
Switch frequency [1/s]DC 240
Filtration mesh [µm]25
Weight [kg]4.7