Directional control valves type DSG-02B are used for regulate oil flow in hydraulic system in order to change a rotation direction of a hydraulic motor or a direction of a piston rod movement of an actuator.

Maximum pressure 300 bar, maximum flow 30 through 80 lpm.

Directional control valves are equipped with 12V or 24V DC solenoids. A wide range of spool valves ensures fitting to almost every hydraulic system. Direcrional control valves DSG-02B are designed for subplate mounting (size 6).

Order codes

  • DSG-02B-3C2-D2
  • a  –  bc  –  d  –  e
  • a.  Model name: DSG;
  • b.  Thread connection: 02: 1/4″;
  • c.  Solenoid appearance: B: DIN;
  • d.  Spool valve type: 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, 3C5, 3C60, 3C9, 3C10, 3C11, 3C12, 3C25, 2B2B, 2B3B, 2B4B, 2B5B, 2B60B…;
  • e.  Power source: D1: 12V, D2: 24V.

 Spool valve types

Technical data

Directional control valves DSG-02B 
Flow range [lpm]30-80
Maximum pressure [bar]300
Tolerant back pressure [bar]70-140
Temperature range [°C]5~60
Switch frequency [1/s]DC 240
Filtration mesh [µm]25
Weight [kg]2,2