Direct acting pressure relief valves of MH series are normally closed pressure limiting valves. They are characterized by low noise, fast response, and flat pressure curve depending on the flow rate.

Maximum pressure 350 bar, maximum flow from 25 up to 55 lpm.

Order Code

  • MH-082-LAN
  • a  –  b  –  cde
  • a.  Valve type: MH;
  • b.  Cavity type and size: 082, 092, 102;
  • c.  Control manner: L: standard screw adjustment, K: hand knob with lock knob;
  • d.  Adjustable range: A: 35~210 bar, B: 6,5~105 bar, D: 5~55 bar, E: 2~25 bar;
  • e.  Seal material: N: buna-N, V: viton.


Technical Data

Direct acting relief valvesMH-082MH-092MH-102
Cavity typeT082T092T102
Maximum flow [lpm]254555
Maximum pressure [bar]350350350
Tightening torque [Nm]40/5040/5040/50
Temperature range [°C]-35~100-35~100-35~100
Weight [kg]0,150,250,2

Performance Curves


Dimension tableMH-082MH-092MH-102
a [mm]345438,8
b [mm]242625,4
L [mm]605858
K [mm]669364

Valve Cavities and Standard Valve Blocks