wzmacniacz E-BM-AS Atos

E-BM-AS drivers can drive up to two single or one double solenoid proportional valves. The E-BM-AS are off-board, digital basic drivers in DIN rail format designed for valves without transducer.

Format type: DIN rail, power supply: 24 VDC (standard) or 12 VDC

Digital drivers control the current to the solenoid of proportional valves without transducer, according to the electronic reference input signal. The solenoid proportionally transforms the current into a force, acting on the valve spool or poppet, against a reacting spring, thus providing the hydraulic regulation. The hydraulic regulation means regulation of flow (velocity) or pressure (moment or force of a mechanical system).

Technical data

E-BM-AS Atos driversElectrical featuresSoftware features
4 fast plug-in connectorsIntuitive graphic interface
RJ45 connector for RS232 serial communication to program the driver with the Atos PC software Setting of valve’s functional parameters: bias, scale, ramps, dither
4 leds for diagnosticsLinearization function for the hydraulic regulation
±5 VDC output supply for external reference potentiometers (/P option)2 selectable modes for electronic reference signal: external analog input or internal generation
Electrical protection against reverse polarity of power supplyMax power limitation function (/W option)
Operating temperature range: -20°C ÷ +60°CComplete diagnostics of driver status
Plastic box with IP20 protection degree and standard DIN rail mounting
CE mark according to EMC directive