BV vane pumps have a wide range of applications, the main one being industrial machines. Thanks to the use of a special cam ring profile and 12 vanes in the rotor, BV series pumps are characterized by low pressure pulsation amplitude, reduced vibrations and are extremely quiet. In addition, the characteristic features of vane pumps are: excellent volumetric efficiency in all operating conditions and high reliability.

BV pumps are available in four single-flow sizes (from BV01 to BV05: 8 – 230 l/min at 1200 rpm) and six double-flow versions (from BV21 to BV54: 55 – 370 l/min at 1200 rpm) with maximum powers exceeding 220 kW. The maximum allowable continuous operating pressure for these pumps is 175 bar. The BV series consists of pumps with connection flanges and oil ports compliant with SAE standards, which makes them easy to install and allows for interchangeability with other similar pumps (e.g. Vickers, Eaton, etc.)

The heart of the BV vane pump is the cartridge, which consists of an impeller, blades, cam ring and two covers. During operation, the pump shaft drives the rotor. As the shaft rotation speed increases, centrifugal forces and pressure created behind the vanes push them outward. The vanes follow an ellipse inside the cam ring, generating appropriate pressure and thus ensuring hydraulic sealing. Two opposing pressure chambers are created inside the insert. Their elliptical shape, created by the cam ring profile, allows to reduce radial loads on the shaft bearings and thus extend the pump operating time.


  • Displacement: 7.2 – 193.4 cc/rev.;
  • Maximum pressure: up to 175 bar (continuous);
  • Rotational speed: up to 1800 rpm;
  • Single or double flow;


  • Replacement for Vickers and Eaton;
  • Low noise level;
  • Reliability;
  • High long-term volumetric efficiency
Technical data of single pumps BV BV01BV02BV04BV05
Displacement [cm3/rev]7.2 to 45.940.1 to 67.569.0 to 121.6138.6 to 193.4
Max rotational speed [rpm]1800180018001800
Max continuous pressure [bar]140 to 210175175175
Weight [kg]12152334
Technical data of double pumps BVBV21BV41BV42BV51BV52BV54
Displacement [cm3/rev]40.1+7.2 - 67.5+45.969.0+7.2 - 121.6+45.969,0+40.1 - 121.6+67.5138.6+7.2 - 193.4+45.9138.6+40.1 - 193.4+67.5138.6+69.0 - 193.4+121.6
Max rotational speed [rpm]180018001800180018001800
Max continuous pressure [bar]175175175175175175
Weight [kg]20.53434.5434654