Hydraulic gear pumps of BG20 series are external gear pumps of group 2 made of alumunium alloys. They are designed for general use in the medium pressure range. Studied design, good materials, excellent workmanship and quality control determine the better performance and versatility. They are used in industrial and mobile applications.

Maximum continuous pressure up to 290 bar, the displacement range from 4 to 26 cm3 / rev.

Hydraulic external gear pumps BG20 are manufactured in many varieties of flanges, shafts and hydraulic connections. They meet all the requirements of gear pumps in hydraulic open circuits. They can be prepared and delivered as multi-flow pumps.


  •      Displacement: from 4 to 26 cm3 / rev;
  •      Rotational speeds from 500 to 4000 rpm;
  •      The maximum output pressure from 170/190 to 250/290 bar (continuous / peak);
  •      Required power: 3.5 to 13.5 kW.


  •      Small size;
  •      High performance in its category;
  •      Two-way turnover labeled versions of pumps;
  •      Durability.


BG hydraulic pumps are used in a wide range of agricultural machinery, construction – in mobile hydraulics, and at the same time are used as a component of hydraulic power-packs and power supplies.

Technical data of the BG20 pumps468111417202326
Displacement [cm3/rev]4,26,28,311,114,216,719,622,726,1
Minimal rotational speed [rpm]500500500500500500500500500
Maximal rotational speed [rpm]400040003500350035003500330028002500
Maximal flow [lpm]16,824,82938,949,658,564,763,665,2
Maximal output pressure (continuous) [bar]250250250250250260260240240
Maximal output pressure (peak) [bar]290290290290290280280260260
Power consumption [kW]3,54,55,57,58,511,11313,414
Weight [kg]2,162,252,272,462,62,722,852,993,15