BD vane pumps are used in the most demanding hydraulic systems, both industrial and mobile. The BD series of pumps includes single and double-stream pumps.

Cartridge displacement: from 10.8 to 268.7 cc/rev; max pressure (cont. operation): up to 240 bar.

The design of the BD vane pumps allows the system to run at low noise levels, providing high volumetric and mechanical efficiency. In vane pumps, the heart is the pump cartridge. The displacement chambers are formed by the vanes and parts of the impeller circumference and the housing groove. They change their volume with the rotation of the shaft. Cartridges can be easily removed for replacement, drastically reducing costly machine downtime.

Both pumps and parts are fully interchangeable with Denison T6 and TDZ DT6 units.


  • Displacement: 10.8 – 268.7 cc/rev;
  • Maximum pressure: up to 240 bar (continuous);
  • Rotational speed: up to 2800 rpm
  • Single or double flow;


  • Replacement for Denison;
  • Low noise level;
  • Compact design;
  • High long-term volumetric efficiency
Technical data of BD pumpsBD02BD04BD05
Displacement [cm3/rev]10.8 to 100,047.6 to 158,0132.3 to 268.7
Max rotational speed [rpm]280025002200
Max continuous pressure [bar]160 to 240160 to 21075 to 210
Weight [kg]15.72443.3