Ladies and Gentlemen!

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, we would like to wish you all the best. Let this time be an opportunity for joyful meetings, a moment of silence and filled with a cheerful, family atmosphere.

We also wish you that the New Year 2023 will be calmer than the previous one and will allow you to implement your plans.

Best Regards,

The Hektos Team

Snowflake on christmas tree


  1. New year, new products

    We are expanding our database of spare parts for vane pumps. New cartridges for Denison T6C pumps have appeared in the store: for single, double and triple pumps (front, rear and…

    Wkłady do pomp łopatkowych typu Denison
  2. XRE41 pumps for electric trucks

    More and more manufacturers who build municipal vehicles and trucks for road maintenance in cities use electric cars. This trend is also followed by Hydro Leduc, which offers a new pump…

    Znak pojazdu elektrycznego
  3. Proportional technique – Atos servo valves

    The Italian brand Atos is well know for its solutions using proportional valves and servo valves for industrial hydraulic systems for many years. The DLHZO-TEB and -TES series of digital servoproportional…

    Digital servoproportional directional valve DLHZO