Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps of all types in the offer. According to various divisions Hektos offers open loop, semi-open, and closed loop pumps, fixed and variable displacement units. According to various design possibilities of hydraulic pumps, Hektos proposes axial and radial piston pumps, hydraulic vane pumps, gear pumps of internal and, external gear, and screw pumps. Pumps for vehicles, construction machinery, and industrial machines. We offer products interchangeable with many other types, and unique solutions available on request.


B1 and B2 vane hydraulic pumps

Pompa łopatkowa B2

Fixed displacement vane pumps B1 and B2 fit both: industrial and mobile applications. While they are used as main or second pumps in industrial hydraulic stations, they can also work as power steering pumps in mobile machines and vehicles. The B1 and B2 pumps are recommended for applications where low noise level is important.


Rotational speed range: from 450 through 4800 rpm; maximum pressure: up to 175 bar.


BV vane pumps

Fixed displacement hydraulic vane pumps of BV series are designed for industrial applications - stationary conditions. The BV pumps are available in single and twin flow versions. In addition to high reliability and excellent volumetric efficiency, they are characterized by low noise level. All the components of these pumps subject to wear are contained in the cartridge.


Rotational speed range: from 600 through 2700 rpm; maximum pressure: up to 210 bar.

Pompy hydrauliczne łopatkowe serii BV


JT2 external gear hydraulic pumps

JT2 external gear pumps are dedicated to mobile and industrial applications, These pumps are an innovated design of the T generation pumps. The JT2 pumps differ in lighter construction and better working parameters (e.g. noise level, pressure and efficiency). They fit for vehicles and building equipment assembly with open loop systems.


Rotational speed range: from 500 through 4000 rpm; maximum continuous outlet pressure: up to 290 bar.


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