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TXV variable displacement pumps

TXV series variable displacement hydraulic pumps is an axial-piston design with variable swashplate. Stroke and therefore the pump flow is determined by the angle at which the swashplate is inclined relative to its axis. TXV variable pumps equipped with load sensing control (LS) are used where economical life cycle addition to the high performance applications counts.


Maximum continuous pressure up to 400 bar, displacements: 25* to 150 cm3/rev.



TXV piston pumps are used mainly in trucks to drive heavy forestry, and building cranes as well as multi-purposeand specialized truck bodies, such as garbage trucks, tank trucks, fire trucks. A variable displacement pump of TXV series allows precise control of all working moves. They allow you to perform simultaneous moves regardless of load. The pumps consume the power which is necessary for a work to be done only, thus generate no problems with fluid overheating. They are used where in addition to the difficult working conditions, it is important to save energy. 


Integrated LS control by the pressure signal from the hydraulic system, controls the inclination angle of the swashplate, which regulates the flow of the pump from zero to a designated design maximum. Like other Hydro Leduc piston pumps, TXV series is equipped with reinforced double shaft seal together with a plastic tube to check status of these seals. The elastomeric quadring in the flange provides superior metal-to-metal contact between a pump and a powe take-off, which contributes to better thermal conductivity between these elements. TXV piston heads are high pressure lubricated. In this way, with an increase in pressure increases the lubrication pressure , which affects the longevity of the unit.



  • small envelope size;
  • reduced noise level;
  • high rotational speed;
  • energy saving;
  • durability.


Versions, and Accessories
TXV variable displacement pumps can be divided into three groups:

  • Unidirectional pumps with displacements: 40-120cm3/rev. The pumps are being delivered with either clockwise or counterclockwise direction, and the drive direction cannot be changed. These pumps can be adapted to lower than maximal displacement on request, and TXV 40 can be set to as low as 25 ccm maximal displacement;
  • Indexable pumps with displacements 130 i 150cm3/rev. One can change direction of the pump rotation (without opening it) using special setting screw. The pumps are being supplied with inlet fitting;
  • Through-drive TXV pump with displacement 130cm3/rev. The pump is unidirectional version. A second pump (single, twin flow or variable displacement one) with ISO 14 flange and shaft can be attached to the pump.  It must be noted, however, the bigger displacement is attached, the lower working pressure is possible. The limit is primary shaft maximum torque which is 900 Nm.

TXV pumps can be equipped with two versions of LS filters: between a pump and a LS control, and at the LS control inlet from a system. In rare cases, systems with a tendency to excite vibrations which can be amplified by the control, a dampening orifice can be ordered and applied to the LS line. Another accessory is a coupling for connection to the cardan shaft, which is factory equipped with deflector to protect against dust from the road. Other couplings are available on request. TXV pumps driven by a non-detacheable motor PTO, can be provided with flushing valve, which exchanges some of the hot oil from the pump body with cold oil from the reservoir.


TXV pumps can be used instead of the other series in similar applications. In the case of replacing other brands, it is worth to ask our specialists for an advice.  TXV can replace the following series: A17VO, A18VO, V30E, V30D, HP A4, VP1, SVH, and more...


Technical data of TXV pumps
40 60 75 92 120
Maximum displacement cm3/rev 40 60 75 92 120
Maximum continuous pressure bar 400 400 400 380 360
Maximum peak pressure (intermittent ≤ 5 seconds) bar 420 420 420 400 380
Maximum rotating speed
(at absolute pressure 1 bar and 2" hose)
1/min 3000 2600 2000 1900 2100
Maximum torque absorbed at 300 bar Nm 225 335 420 515 675
Weight kg 26,8 26,8 26,8 26,8 26,8


Technical data TXV pumps - continued








Maximum displacement cm3/rev 130 150 150 130
Maximum continuous pressure bar 360 310 310 360
Maximum peak pressure (intermittent ≤ 5 seconds) bar 380 330 330 380
Maximum rotating speed
(at absolute pressure 1 bar and 2" hose)
1/min 1900 1900 2000 1900
Maximum torque absorbed at 300 bar Nm 730 840 840 730
Weight kg 27,2 27,2 27,2 31,1


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