Hydropneumatic Accumulators

Hydropneumatic accumulators are pressure vessels with gas-fluid separator. The separator may have form of bladder, diaphragm, or piston, according to a type of the accumulator, and application desired.



Hydroakumulatory czyli akumulatory hydrauliczne, zwane także akumulatorami hydropneumatycznymi, są to szczelne zbiorniki ciśnieniowe z pęcherzem lub membraną oddzielającą gaz od cieczy. Wykorzystują one ściśliwość gazu do magazynowania energii i oddawania jej w momentach zwiększonego zapotrzebowania.

  • Hydroakumulatory membranowe
  • Hydroakumulatory pęcherzowe
  • Akcesoria do akumulatorów



Bladder Accumulators ACSL

Zdjęcie hydroakumulatorów ACSL produkcji Hydro Leduc

Hydro-pneumatic accumulators ACSL are dedicated to hydraulic energy store, pulsation dampening and vehicle suspension for applications with pressure below 250 bar. These accumulators also can be used as a shock absorbing units in vehicle suspension, parts of agricultural machinery etc. 

Nominal capacity: from 0.7 through 4 dm3; maximum operating pressure: up to 250 bar. 


AS Diaphragm Accumulators

Zdjęcie akumulatora hydraulicznego typu AS

Hydroaccumulators AS have elastomer diaphragm which is partition between a gas and a liquid. The AS accumulators are more durable due to less deformation of the diaphragm in comparsion with the bladder hydroaccumulators. The membrane can be replaced.

Nominal capacity: from 0.02 to 10 dm3; maximum operating pressure: up to 400 bar.


ABVE Bladder Accumulators

Akumulator hydrauliczny ABVE - fotografia produktu

Hydraulic accumulators ABVE are dedicated most of all to the energy storage as hydraulic fluid under pressure. They are widely used in automatic machines and mobile applications. The ABVE accumulators are interchngeable with most bladder accumulators in market.

Nominal capacity: from 4 through 50 dm3; maximum operating pressure: up to 350 bar.


Bladder Accumulators ACS

Akumulatory hydrauliczne ACS - fotografia

ACS series hydropneumatic accumulators are mainly dedicated to energy store, and pulsation dampening in hydraulic systems. These accumulators also can be used as a shock absorbing units in vehicle suspension, hydraulic springs etc.

Nominal capacity: form 0.7 through 4 dm3; maximum operating pressure: up to 330 bar.


Piston Accumulators APL

Fotografia hydroakumulatorów APL

The APL piston accumulators are new extremely durable series of accumulators by Hydro Leduc. The APL accumulators are used mainly for energy storage in hydraulic systems. They are distinguished by the ability to work in any position. 

Nominal capacity: from 0.5 through 4 dm3; maximum allowable operating pressure: 250 bar


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