Rozdzielacze płytowe

Directional control valves (size 6 and 10) are adapted to plate mouting. They are electrically controlled by two solenoids. The DSG control valves are characterized by a wide range of spools, so various receiver control functions can be implemented.

Directional control valves CETOP 3

Directional control valves type DSG-02B are used for regulate oil flow in hydraulic system in order to change a rotation direction of a hydraulic motor or a direction of a piston rod movement of an actuator.

Maximum pressure 300 bar, maximum flow 30 through 80 lpm.



Directional control valves CETOP 5

Directional control valves type DSG-03B are larger valves than DSG-02B valves. However, the DSG-03B valves are used in the same purpose: A machine operator can turn on/turn off a hydraulic motor or an actuator thanks to oil flow regulation, which is provided by these valves.

Maximum pressure 300 bar, maximum flow 40 through 110 lpm.



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