Hydraulic Valves

All types of hydraulic valves, and complete control systems for hydraulics. One can find information about directional valves, cartridge valves, manifold, proportional, and in-line models. Due to complexity of applications, and options available, not whole product range has been presented below.


Direct Acting Relief Valves of RD Series

Zawory przelewowe bezpośredniego działania

Direct acting relief valves of RD series are used to limit the pressure in a hydraulic system. No initial stage allows for a faster response to the increased pressure and results in better tolerance to oil contamination.

Maximum pressure 350 bar, maximum permissible flow from 95 to 760 lpm.



Pilot Operated Relief Valves of RP Series

Zawory przelewowe pośredniego działania

Pilot operated relief valves of RP series are designed to limit working pressure in hydraulic systems. Piloted valves allow very smooth, and quiet operation, but require some oil consumption.

Maximum pressure 350 bar, maximum flow 95 through 760 lpm.



RV Pilot Operated Relief Valves with Vent

Zawory przelewowe pośredniego działania

RV pilot operated pressure relief valves with vent are another pressure limiting valves. The vent port connects between the main piston and pilot stage to provide for remote control by other pilot or 2-way valves.

Maximum pressure 350 bar, maximum flow from 60 up to 480 lpm.



Pilot Operated Sequence Valves of RS Series

Zawory dołączające pośredniego działania

RS pilot operated sequence valves are designed to connect secondary hydraulic system, or part of it, at a given pressure in the main system. These valves are insensitive to the pressure at the sequence port.

Maximum pressure 350 bar, maximum flow 60 through 480 lpm.



Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valves of PB Series

Zawory redukcyjne pośredniego działania

Pilot operated pressure reducing valves PB are designed to reduce the high input pressure to a constant lower level output. They allow to supply system branches with different pressure ranges from one pump.

Maximum pressure 350 bar, maximum permissible flow from 40 to 320 lpm.



PP Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valves

Zawory redukcyjno-przelewowe pośredniego działania

PP pilot operated pressure reducing-relieving valves reduce a high pressure at the inlet to a constant reduced pressure at outlet, with a relief function from outlet to tank. The valves exhibit flat pressure-flow characteristics.

Maximum pressure 350 bar, maximum flow from 40 up to 320 lpm.



  • Cartridge Valves

    Wide range of cartridge valves makes it easy to use in hydraulic systems with flows to 760 lpm, and working pressure to 350 bar.


  • Solenoid directional control valves

    Directional control valves (size 6 and 10) are adapted to plate mouting. They are electrically controlled by two solenoids. The DSG control valves are characterized by a wide range of spools, so various receiver control functions can be implemented.

  • Monoblock directional valves

    Monoblock directional valves of simple design are widely used in mobile hydraulics, esp. agricultural machines.


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