Pompy zębate

BG20 series Gear Pumps

Pompa hydrauliczna zębata BG20

Hydraulic gear pumps of BG20 series are external gear pumps of group 2 made of alumunium alloys. They are designed for general use in the medium pressure range. Studied design, good materials, excellent workmanship and quality control determine the better performance and versatility. They are used in industrial and mobile applications.

Maximum continuous pressure up to 290 bar, the displacement range from 4 to 26 cm3 / rev.



JP23 external gear pumps

External gear hydraulic pumps JP23 are dedicated to mobile and industrial applications. They have remarkable better parameters of pressure and efficiency as compare with the competitive pumps. The manufacturer of JP23 pumps provides wide range of mountage options - shafts, flanges and fluid inputs and outputs. They are designed to fit in small hydraulic units.


Rotational speed range: from 500 through 5000 rpm; maximum pressure: up to 300 bar.

Pompa hydrauliczna zębata JP23


JT2 external gear hydraulic pumps

JT2 external gear pumps are dedicated to mobile and industrial applications, These pumps are an innovated design of the T generation pumps. The JT2 pumps differ in lighter construction and better working parameters (e.g. noise level, pressure and efficiency). They fit for vehicles and building equipment assembly with open loop systems.


Rotational speed range: from 500 through 4000 rpm; maximum continuous outlet pressure: up to 290 bar.


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