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Hydraulic directional valves of the DHL series are offered by the Italian manufacturer Atos for subplate mounting (size NG06/CETOP 3). The purpose of this valves is to control the oil flow direction in hydraulic system. Due to this action, it is possible to extend the piston rod of an hydraulic cylinder or to change the direction of rotation of a hydraulic motor.

Maximum oil flow: up to 60 lpm, opetaring pressure in P, A, B ports: 350 bar, in T port: 210 bar (DC) and 160 bar (AC)

The DHL series are compact execution valves. Depending on the type of the spool, the DHLs can be equipped with 1 or 2 coils controlled by DC or AC. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of spools, incl. popular D, E, J, H and G and coil voltages, including 12 and 24V DC, 110/50 and 230/50V AC.

Spool types

suwaki DHL

Technical data

Solenoid directional valves type DHL
SizeNG06, CETOP 3
Maximum flow [l/min]60
Operating pressure in P, A, B ports [bar]350
Operating pressure in T port [bar]210 (DC)
160 (AC)
Fluid temperature range [°C]-20 ÷ +80
Fluid viscosity15 cSt ÷ 100 cSt (recommended)
2,8 cSt ÷ 500 cSt (acceptable)
Filtration ISO 4406 class 21/19/16
Coil type DC [V]12
Coil type AC [V]110/50
110/50 - 120/60
230/50 - 230/60
Weight DC [kg]1,3 (spools -06)
1,6 (spools -07)
Weight AC [kg]1,2 (spools -06)
1,4 (spools -07)