The PSI Test Kits (type H) are instruments to measure pressure and flow of oil and other petroleum fluids in hydraulic systems. They are available in versions for water, water-based fluids, phosphate ester fluids and air or other gases. They are very easy to install. These test kits provide direct reading of pressure and flow rate at relative insensitivity of high pressure, impurities, turbulent flow or position in a system.

Flow measurement: from 0.5 through 560 lpm; maximum pressure: up to 414 bar.

The Hedland test kits type H are variable area instruments. A precision machined, sharp-edged orifice located within the piston assembly, forms an annular opening with the contoured metering cone. The piston assembly carries a cylindrical magnet that is magnetically coupled to an external flow indicator that moves precisely, in direct response to movement of the piston. A calibrated spring opposes flow in the forward direction. This spring decreases viscosity sensitivity and allows the flow meter to be used in any position.

The PSI Test Kits provide direct reading of pressure and flow rate. The rotatable scale (guard) provides an easy and clear reading. They do not require flow straighteners or special piping. These test kits are available in anodized aluminum and brass options or in stainless body and aluminum piston and cone version. Also, a reverse flow by-pass option is available.

Features overview:

  • Flow measurement: 0.5 – 560 lpm;
  • Maximum pressure: 241 bar, 345 bar or 414 bar;
  • Temperature range: from -29 to +116°C;
  • Accuracy ±2% full scale;
  • Repeatability ±1%;
  • Port size: G1/2″, G3/4″ or G1″.


  • Easy to install;
  • Operates in any position;
  • Relatively insensitive to shock and vibration;
  • Wide range of flow range;
  • Stainless steel version available.

Versions and accessories

The series of PSI Test Kits consists of models with BSPP, SAE or NPTF threads versions. These test kits can be made of aluminum (standard), brass or stainless steel. All flow meters are ordered for the purpose of water, water-based fluids, oil or ester fluids, as well as air or other gases. A by-pass option is available on request.

Data of type H series 602 to 862 for petroleum fluids602702762
Flow measurement range [LPM]0,5-3,75
Max pressure (steel) [bar]414414414
Max pressure (brass and aluminum) [bar]241241241
Temperature range [°C]-29 to +116-29 to +116-29 to +116
Port size [BSPP]G1/2"G3/4"G1"
Port size [SAE]101216
(relative to full scale) [±%]
Repeatability [±%]111
Weight (aluminum) [kg]1,521,9