MA125 motor

Hydraulic piston motors MA by Hydro Leduc are of bent axis design with an angle of 40°. They are hig-speed motors with high efficiency. They are designed for intensive, continiuous operation in heavy duty conditions. The MA series consists of units with maximum speed range from 4500 to 8000 rpm and maximum power range from 52 to 270 kW.

Rotational speed range: from 50 through 8000 rpm; maximum continuous pressure: up to 400 bar.

The Hydro Leduc motors of MA series are of bent axis design with angle of 40°. They combine high performance (global efficiency of over 90% in most applications) and reduced size envelope. All structural components are made from similar materials resulting in cosistent thermal expansion and exeptional reliability. They are suited to continuous work in heavy duty applications due to these properties. Moreover, the MA motors can work in both: open and closed circuit.

The MA series motors can be fitted with flushing valve VBS091180 to create flow to cool the motor, and with an induction type speed sensor 090244 to measure rotating speed and also direction of rotation.


  • Displacement: 18 – 90 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed range: 50 (in certain conditions) – 8000 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: 400/450 bar (continuous/peak).


  • Low starting pressure;
  • Reinforced shaft seals;
  • Possibility of serial and parallel combination of motors;
  • Reduced noise level;
  • Reduced size envelope and simple installation;
  • Higher torque and power compared to MP motors.


The MA motors are used in similar applications as MP motors, but they can work in heavy duty conditions and in applications where lower speeds can be achieved in compare to MP motors. However, they provide much higher torque. The MA motors can be used in forestry machines, driving vehicles and boats, high power crushers, heavy duty winchers etc.

Technical data of MA motors18 25324550638090
Displacement [cm3/obr]1825324550,36380,490
Max rotational speed (conti.) [rpm]80006300630050005000500045004500
Max rotational speed (inter.) [rpm]88006900690055005500550050005000
Max flow [lpm]144158202225252315362378
Torque per bar [Nm/bar]0,280,40,50,650,811,271,42
Min/max operating temperature [°C]-0,227272727
Max pressure drop conti./peak [bar]400/450
Max power (conti.) [kW]96105134150168210239270
Weight [kg]5,511,511,51818182323