JT2 external gear pumps are dedicated to mobile and industrial applications, These pumps are an innovated design of the T generation pumps. The JT2 pumps differ in lighter construction and better working parameters (e.g. noise level, pressure and efficiency). They fit for vehicles and building equipment assembly with open loop systems.

Rotational speed range: from 500 through 4000 rpm; maximum continuous outlet pressure: up to 290 bar.

The JT2 series hydraulic gear pumps are an innovated design of the T series. They are made of aluminium alloy, the flange and cover are of cast iron, the gears are of steel. In comparison with the original design they have remarkable better parameters of noise, pressure and efficiency within the whole range of speed and temperature. They are being manufactured in a unidirectional design and can also be made in a reversible design.  The hydraulic gear pumps are being manufactured with variety of drives, connecting flanges and fluid input and output. They conform to the ISO and SAE standards and to the other worldwide accepted standards. They can be supplied as single and also multiple units. They are entirely compatible with the T series.

A pump is a heart of the hydraulic system. We would like to remind you that the pump’s longevity and its technical performance during operation depend directly on the working environment. This environment is essentially made up of: the drive – its speed, and torque, the tank – capacity, position etc., the fluid – its type, viscosity and cleanness, and the way of the pump is used – type of application, dyty cycle etc. Contact us for advice on defining the right environment for the pump.


  • Displacement: 4 – 32 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed range: 500 – 4000 rpm;
  • Maximum outlet pressure: from 150/170 to 290/310 bar (continuous/peak);
  • Demand power: 3.5 – 13.5 kW.


  • Small dimensions;
  • High performance within their category;
  • Either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation;
  • Long service life.


The gear pumps have a wide field of application in agricultural and construction machinery and generally in the mobile hydraulics. They have an useful application in hydraulic power packs.

Technical data of JT2 pumpsT2-4T2-5T2-6,3T2-8T2-10T2-11T2-12,5T2-14,5T2-16T2-19T2-20T2-25T2-28T2-32
Displacement [cm3/rev]456,38101112,514,5161920252832
Minimal rotational speed [rpm]15001500150015001500150015001500150015001500150015001500
Maximal rotational speed [rpm]40004000400036003600360036003200320032003200280028002000
Maximal flow [lpm]5,36,78,510,813,514,916,919,721,625,627,233,938,443
Maximal output pressure (continuous) [bar]290290290280270270260260260240240200180150
Maximal output pressure (peak) [bar]310310310300290290280280280260260220200170
Power consumption [kW]3,54,55,57,58,58,910,511,11313,41414,514,813,5
Weight [kg]2,32,352,42,52,63,72,82,933,13,23,43,53,7