External gear hydraulic pumps JP23 are dedicated to mobile and industrial applications. They have remarkable better parameters of pressure and efficiency as compare with the competitive pumps. The manufacturer of JP23 pumps provides wide range of mountage options – shafts, flanges and fluid inputs and outputs. They are designed to fit in small hydraulic units.

Rotational speed range: from 500 through 5000 rpm; maximum pressure: up to 300 bar.

The JP23 series hydraulic gear pumps are made of aluminium alloy with gears of steel. They are equipped with the new generation hydraulic balancing of axial clearance. As compare with the previous design they have remarkable better parameters of pressure, noise and efficiency within the whole speed range. They are manufactured in an unidirectional and reversible design with internal or external drain.

They find their application in smaller hydraulic circuits, anywhere where a high operating reliability, service life and a favourable price is being required.
The hydraulic gear pumps are being manufactured in a wide range of drives, connecting flanges and fluid input and output. They are also manufactured to adapt to small hydraulic power packs.
The P23 series hydraulic gear pumps are compatible with the P and P2 original series.


  • Displacement: 0.8 – 11.8 cm3/rev;
  • Rotational speed range: 500 – 5000 rpm;
  • Maximum pressure: from 100/160 to 280/310 bar (continuous/peak);
  • Maximum power: 2.51 – 9.51 kW.


  • Small dimensions;
  • High performance within their category;
  • Long service life.


They fit for vehicles, building and road equipment and machine tools assembly with open loop systems.

Technical data of P23 (for more - see the catalogue)0,81,21,62,12,53,33,6
Displacement [cm3/rev]0,81,21,62,12,53,33,6
Max rotational speed (conti.) [rpm]1500150015001500150015001500
Max rotational speed (inter.) [rpm]5000500045004500400040004000
Max flow [lpm]3,925,887,069,269,812,9414,11
Pressure range on suction port [bar]od -0,3 do 0,5
Pressure at the outlet port (conti.) [bar]280280280280280280260
Pressure at the outlet port (inter.) [bar]300300300300300300280
Pressure at the outlet port (peak) [bar]310310310310310310290
Nominal input power [kW]0,71,041,391,722,072,973,35
Max input power [kW]2,513,74,965,526,657,87,93
Weight [kg]0,820,840,850,870,890,920,93