pompa lopatkowa HQ

HQ vane pumps for mobile application are suitable especially in garbage compactiors hydraulic circiut. HQ pumps have similar parameters as BQ pumps.

Cartridge displacement: from 40.1 to 91.2 cc/rev; max pressure (cont. operation): up to 210 bar.

All the components subject to wear are contained in a cartridge unit that can be easily removed for inspection and/or replacement without disconnecting the pump from the circuit, drastically reducing expensive machine downtime. In addition to reliability, HQ pump guarantees continuous high volumetric efficiency during its whole service time. That avoids having to compensate the typical efficiency loss of other kinds of pump, increasing the truck engine RPM, which causes higher fuel consumption and therefore air pollution. The HQ series is available in 2 versions of single pump and two versions of double pump.


  • Displacement: 40.1 – 91.2 cc/rev.;
  • Maximum pressure: up to 210 bar (continuous);
  • Rotational speed: up to 2700 rpm;
  • Single or double flow


  • Replacement for Vickers;
  • Low noise level;
  • Compact design;
  • High long-term volumetric efficiency
Technical data of HQ pumpsHQ02HQ03HQ21HQ31
Displacement [cm3/rev]40.1 to 67.578.3 do 91.27.2 to 45.9 +
40.1 to 67.5
7.2 to 45.9 +
78.3 to 91.2
Max rotational speed [rpm]2700250027002500
Max continuous pressure [bar]210210210210
Weight [kg]14.81720.522.7