The Flo-Check® USB hydraulic system analyzer utilizes a set of hydraulic sensors to record crucial parameters of the hydraulic system, and then transfers them to the user’s laptop or PC, where multiple operating parameters (bi directional flow, pressure, temperature, power) may be monitored in real-time, and saved for future analysis. Flo-Check® USB is an ideal tool for setting up and testing.

Flow measurement: from 15 through 757 lpm; maximum pressure: up to 414 bar.

Flo-Check® USB body consists of anodized aluminum, in which a turbine meter, and sensors array collect frequency data from the turbine, the pressure and temperature. Set of sensors with the transmitter is located under the solid metal cover which is a USB socket for power supply and communication with the computer. The analyzer is equipped with a holde, and convenient loading valve with a safety disc. The analyzer is supplied in a handy case, with a USB cable to a computer, CD with software, and spare safety discs.

Flo-Check® USB software works on Windows®, and it is included with the kit. The intuitive software allows you to select the individual engineers units, and allows you to track the behavior of the measured system on a graph generated in real time. The data presented can obviously be saved into a spreadsheet for possible future analysis. The analyzer is powered by the USB port, so it is perfect for working outbound service technicians.
The software saves data every second in a comma-separated values ​​file (.csv), which lets you easily export to spreadsheets. Despite this method of data collection, all the pressure peaks and valleys are saved by keeping the instantaneous maximum pressure value of each second. Therefore, although it is not known the exact shape of the anomaly, however, its value is saved as well as the time of occurrence.

Features overview:

  • Flow measurement: 15 – 757 lpm;
  • Maximum pressure: 414 bar;
  • Temperature range: from -40 to +150°C;
  • Accuracy ±1% of reading at 32 cSt;
  • Repeatability ±0.2%;
  • Port size: G1″ or G1-1/2″.


  • Easy to use – plug and play;
  • Alarms set;
  • Pressure spikes catch (0.2 ms);
  • Export data to a spreadsheet.

Versions and accessories

Flo-Check® USB comes in two sizes in varieties of BSPP and SAE ports. Optionally, one can order calibration certificates of five or ten points, and additional safety disc.

Data of the Flo-Check® USB hydraulic analyzersF7162F7163
Flow measurement range [LPM]15-32126-757
Max pressure [bar]414414
Temperature range [°C]-40 to +150-40 to +150
Port size [BSPP]G1"G1-1/2"
Flow accuracy [±%]11
Pressure accuracy [±%]0,50,5
Temperature accuracy (with calibration) [±%]1,61,6
Flow repeatability [±%]0,20,2
Temperature repeatability [±%]0,10,1
Weight [kg]1212