BQ vane pump cross-section

BQ vane pumps are strongly recommended in mobile applications. The special design of the flexible plates enables any thermal expansion in the rotor to be compensated for and to adequately cope with any sudden change in pressure. Furthermore, the counter-pressure chambers positioned between the flexible plates and the cartridge covers balance the internal pressure; this ensures that the correct clearance between the rotor and the flexible plates is always maintained so guaranteeing maximum volumetric efficiency.

BQ pumps are available in five single-stream sizes (from BQ01 to BQ05: 8 – 230 lpm at 1200 rpm) and seven double-stream versions (from BQ21 to BQ54: 55 – 370 lpm at 1200 rpm) with maximum powers exceeding 220 kW. The maximum allowable working pressure for these pumps are 210 bar. The BQ series consists of pumps with connection flanges and oil ports compliant with SAE standards, which makes them easy to install and allows for interchangeability with other similar pumps (e.g. Vickers, Eaton, etc.)




  • Displacement: 7.2 – 193.4 cc/rev.;
  • Maximum pressure: up to 210 bar (continuous);
  • Rotational speed: up to 2700 rpm;
  • Single or double flow;


  • Replacement for Vickers;
  • Low noise level;
  • Compact design;
  • High long-term volumetric efficiency
Technical data of single pumps BQ BQ01BQ02BQ04BQ05
Displacement [cm3/rev]7.2 to 45.940.1 to 67.569.0 to 121.6138.6 to 193.4
Max rotational speed [rpm]2700270025002200
Max continuous pressure [bar]140 to 210210210175
Weight [kg]12152334
Technical data of double pumps BQBQ21BQ41BQ42BQ51BQ52BQ54
Displacement [cm3/rev]40.1+7.2 - 67.5+45.969.0+7.2 - 121.6+45.969,0+40.1 - 121.6+67.5138.6+7.2 - 193.4+45.9138.6+40.1 - 193.4+67.5138.6+69.0 - 193.4+121.6
Max rotational speed [rpm]270025002500220022002200
Max continuous pressure [bar]210210210175175175
Weight [kg]20.53434.5434654