ACS series hydropneumatic accumulators are mainly dedicated to energy store, and pulsation dampening in hydraulic systems. These accumulators also can be used as a shock absorbing units in vehicle suspension, hydraulic springs etc.

Nominal capacity: form 0.7 through 4 dm³; maximum operating pressure: up to 330 bar.

Bladder-diaphragm accumulators ACS are widely used in hydraulic power packs and industrial equipment as part of the shock absorbers, front loaders, tractors, agricultural, and construction machinery. ACS units are characterized by a constant, small outer diameter, and in the case of larger volume accumulators – a significant length. This allows easy installation of the accumulators in a machine close to structural elements, which saves space.

The ACS type welded accumulators are made up of a shell in high resistance steel containing a fluid-gas separator. The bladder is made of nitrile for the standard ACS range, and of hydrogenated nitrile for low temperature applications. The separator is fitted with an anti-extrusion stud, thus allowing rapid and total discharge of the accumulator. Type of elastomer and inside coating determine allowable working fluids. It is mineral-based hydraulic oil as a standard, but the accumulator can be adopted to work with water, diesel fuel, gasoline or even ethylene oxide.


  • Capacity: 0.7 – 4 dm³;
  • Maximum allowable operating pressure: 330 bar;
  • Charging: with charging screw or charging valve;
  • Operating temperature range: from -20 to +100°C (standard);
  • Mineral-based hydraulic fluids (standard).


  • Interchangeable with most accumulators available on the market;
  • Completely modular designed, what enables fast production of non-standard intermediate models;
  • Exeptionally well bladder durability;
  • Possibility of rapid and total discharge of the accumulator due to anti-extrusion stud actually fitted onto the bladder;
  • Can be used in dynamic working conditions, for slow movement or in static work depending on capacity to store a volume ratio;
  • Version for low temperature (from -40 to +100°C) available.

Vesrions and accesories

The ACS accumulators are available with charging screw in standard version and with inch threads on oil side. There are available other options according to the catalogue. It applies mainly to P1620 charging valve and internal and external metric threads on oil side. Additional accesories include fixed clamps made of zinc-plated steel and stainless steel and adaptors according to the catalogue.


Hydropneumatic accumulators are gas pressure vessles and therefore the manufacture of such vessles must conform to CE directive 97/23/CE (replaced by 2014/68/EU). Farther, accumulators of less than 1 litre capacity cannot be stamped CE, but hydroaccumulators made by Hydro Leduc are supplied with manufacturer’s certificate and conform to the CE directive. Accumulators of 1 litre capacity ore more are supplied with CE certificate; they bear the CE stamp and the reference of the official organisation certifying their conformity. According to applications, additional technical inspection UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) or TDT (Transportowy Dozor Techniczny) is required in Poland.

Technical data of ACS accumulators0.711.522.54
Nominal capacity [dm³]0,711,522,54
Max operating pressure [bar]330330330330330330
Standard oil side orifice
(standard - find more in catalogue)
Diameter of the accumulator [mm]Ø114,3Ø114,3Ø114,3Ø114,3Ø114,3Ø114,3
Height of the accumulator [mm]175236315392463695
Weight [kg]45,97,89,911,517,5