Spring is coming and with it new construction investments. Concrete pumps are used in many construction projects, primarily residential investments. The W pumps of the French manufacturer, Hydro Leduc, are perfect for concrete pumps. In addition, they can be mounted in other construction machines that work in difficult conditions, such as drilling machines or mobile cranes.

Prepare your construction equipment with us for the upcoming season. If you are designing a new machine, we will advise you which model will meet the requirements. If you want to replace the old pump, we will choose a suitable replacement. The W pumps can be replaced, among others with the popular A2FO pumps, and their unquestionable advantage is the high quality of workmanship and adaptation to harsh operating conditions (it can work continuously up to 400 bar pressure!).

Check the offer in our store: https://www.hektos.eu/w-piston-pumps-c-6_52.html

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